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Our Manifesto

You know the story. You find yourself listening to yet another tedious, self-centered presentation with bad PowerPoint and nothing to keep you focused on what the speaker is saying. What does it take to stop the madness? Effective speakers start with their audience in mind and build their presentation accordingly. Getting there requires a laser focus on content, delivery, powerful visuals and a narrative that connects. It’s only after that level of preparation that you can stop thinking about yourself and give 100% to your audience. That’s the thrill of a meaningful and well-delivered presentation. We guarantee you will notice a difference.

We Are Doing Our Part to Stop the Madness

Executive Coaching: We offer one-on-one coaching with 100% focus on your upcoming presentation. We start at the end and build your presentation from the outside in.  First, we establish and refine your primary goal.  We then look at your content and whittle it down to the essential messages. We help you decide what needs to be cut and what needs more emphasis.  Once that is crystal clear, it’s time to focus on your delivery. We integrate your natural style into a cohesive and confident performance.  And we help you connect with your audience by incorporating stories and examples with powerful imagery.

Our Motto: Creative collaboration and feedback guarantee success

Workshops: We run onsite, customized workshops for groups of 10 or more for public speaking and business networking development. From Speaker Bootcamp and Networking Simulations, to intensive one-on-one follow-up, our goal is to have your team ready to deliver memorable presentations with actionable outcomes; and to represent your organization or brand in a compelling way.

Our Motto: It has to be fun to be effective

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